Margret en croûte with Périgord nuts and ceps

Medium With nut 45 min of preparation - 30 min of cooking 6

Par Brice RAVANEL, Perrine COUDERT, Basile WOËTS Lycée des Métiers d’Hôtellerie & de Tourisme d’Occitanie de Toulouse

  • 1

    Denervate the magrets

  • 2

    Cooked the magret (10 to 15 minutes)

  • 3

    Prepare a crust with butter, breadcrumbs, sliced bread and walnuts. Spread it between two baking sheet. Put it in the freezer to cause the hardening.

  • 4

    Put the crust on the magrets. Put them in the oven to colour the crust.

  • 5

    Cut the cepes in small cubes, add parsley and pink garlic. Add walnut oil to perfume.

  • 6

    Peel the potatoes, dispose them on the baking sheet, pour the fat from the molten magret.

  • 7

    Reduce the balsamic vinegar and then incorporate the butter.

  • 8

    Dispose on a plate the magret, with cepes , potatoes and the sauce.